What's new in "ANTESPORTS" mechanical keyboard ?

What's new in "ANTESPORTS" mechanical keyboard ?

As there are many brands who offering mechanical keyboards. But the main challenge with all of them are price and quality. I experienced this product MK3000 keyboards and find very good build quality. it comes with Blue switch.

As they have very low price for the mechanical keyboard and of course this would be the very attractive mechanical keyboard for the games and general purpose users in low price.

During my testing I found the key are very very smooth and typing tic tic sound effect impressive. It comes with one year warranty.

This would be killer mechanical keyboard.

Antesports launched two mechanical keyboards. A keyboard without dedicated numeric keyboard and another one comes with numeric keyboards. 

1) MK1000 ( Mechanical backlight gaming keyboard )

It comes with all the function keys ( F1 to F12) and 10 backlight effects. Backlight effect changing with function keys (FN) + Insert Keys (INS). Steady, Snake, Running up and Down, Waving, Double Wave, Mini Wave, Splashing, Single bar Splash, Single key response and Breathing. These effects are wonderful. 

  •  Ergonomic design with high quality.
  •  Mini mechanical keyboard, easy to carry.  
  • Compatible with PC and Laptop.
  • Full anti ghosting keys with better feeling.
  • Double injection key cap, more beautiful and durable.
  • High quality ABS with good solid black colors.

Here you can find this MK1000

Here you find this product : MK3000

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I like this keyboard. The RGBs key are most attractive. Also build quality looking tough.


Meaning information


Informative blog, thank you for the information.


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